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Someone are using the domain name as the address for senders of various spam messages. These addresses are forged and is not being sent from the owner of this domain.
Please accept this applogy if you by have received spam that appears to be from "someone" You will do all users of the internet a big favour by reporting the abuse to the senders ISP. For details on how to find who really sent the message or who their ISP is have a look at
 Odd Computing
Acorn Search - ARM, Acorn & RISC OS related information search engine.
Atari Launchpad - Starting point on the web for users of any Atari ST computer system
World of Spectrum - The official world archive for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and the largest on-line gaming center on the Internet
FS2002 South Pacific AI-kits - Add traffic between the Pacific Islands in FS2002.
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Problems? - The BOFH knows the right excuse.
Are your system accessible to anyone on the internet? Check Gibson Research's tips on how to keep your computer safe.
If you need a firewall try Zonelabs ZooneAlarm, a recomended freeware software firewall.
Lavasoft's Adaware us a must for keeping nasty SpyWare off your computer.

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OneOff Events Great travel deals - Remyl Out of this world music - Schitzmaetricks Output defined as...
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